CARBO dry ice

CARBO dry ice: Highest quality

CARBO dry ice stands for certified quality, best raw materials and perfect logistics. Further you can choose between many different delivery formats. Convince yourself of CARBO dry ice!

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CARBO blasting machines

CARBO is revolutionising cleaning technology: Get to know our small unit: the ultra-compact CARBOblaster® – a patented, ecological and thrifty dry ice blasting machine. The CARBOblaster® develops unbelievable power, even with extreme fouling of metal, plastics and other surfaces!

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Application areas

For what is dry ice used?

Due to its characteristics, dry ice is especially suited for chilling applications, where liquids – water in particular – must be kept away. Dry ice is also used in a multitude of applications in industry, research, medicine, service providers, gastronomy, home and leisure.

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Dry ice technology

CARBO dry ice

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO2 or carbonic acid), contains no water and remains at a constant temperature of -78.5°C. It is formed from liquid carbon dioxide, which becomes carbon dioxide snow when it is relieved to ambient pressure. This is compacted in block or pellet form. Dry ice does not occur on earth naturally, it is artificially produced. The gaseous original form – CO2 – is however, a natural component of air. Besides, large volumes of CO2 exist below ground – these springs of volcanic origin are also present in Germany.

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The Company

CO2 Made in Germany

Based in Bad Hönningen with numerous branches and sales partners throughout Germany, the CARBO Group with CARBO Kohlensäurewerke GmbH & Co. KG and CARBO Kohlensäurewerk Hannover GmbH established way back in 1902 today employs 150 people across the Federal Republic and is one of Germany's largest producers of natural carbon dioxide.

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A great team


The CARBO-group, that's not only CARBO dry ice, but also CARBO and CARVEX. CARBO is your partner for all industrial gases, especially carbon dioxide. CARVEX deals with the development of new process technologies for the food and pharmaceutical industries. The CARVEX CO2 pressurised disinfestation for example, frees dry natural commodities of pests and this in an environmentally friendly way.